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We assist clients at every stage of the building process.

If you want to truly ‘own your build’ and get the best possible value for every dollar, then talk to NHBB before you talk to a builder.

NHBB offer you more choice with 15 of Perth’s top designers and more than 90 leading builders. Through our process our clients are better informed because communication is open and our process transparent., ensuring timelines are met and that the building process runs smoothly. This coupled with our large volume of clients means that quality builders are prepared to meet NHBB’s pricing criteria to work with us.

What this means for you is that in every case you will receive better, service, quality & pricing through NHBB.

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Two Storey Designs

There are may ways to build a two story home; pods, lofts, timber frame, traditional brick & render, metal and cladding and the list goes on. What about the type of flooring used? 2C slabs 3C slabs, floor Tec systems or timber frame…

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Upside Down Designs

Upside Down Homes can also be called reverse living homes, because of the reversed arrangement of the upper floor living rooms and the ground floor bedrooms

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Sloping Blocks

Designing and homes correctly for difficult and sloping blocks requires experience, knowledge and skill. NHBB are experts in sloping block design feasibility. We’ll not only find you the best builder for your project, but the best…

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