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If you want to truly ‘own your build’ and get the best possible value for every dollar, then talk to NHBB before you talk to a new home builder.

NHBB offer you more choice with 15 of Perth’s top building designers and more than 90 leading home builders. Through our process our clients are better informed because communication is open and our process transparent., ensuring timelines are met and that the building process runs smoothly. This coupled with our large volume of clients means that quality builders are prepared to meet NHBB’s pricing criteria to work with us.

What this means for you is that in every case you will receive better, service, quality & pricing through NHBB.

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Difficult Blocks

Facing the challenge of building difficult house designs require expertise, management and a builder which can undertake designing and building variety of irregular shaped and difficult block types: sloping block, 10m narrow block, steep…

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Small Block Designs

Browse Tiny/ Small House design inspirations from our past residential development projects. New Home Building Brokers can help you find the right small homes builder and provide range of house plans for small or tiny lots. Talk to us.

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Industrial Style Homes

Industrial house designs, also referred to as warehouse style homes is a style of architecture that features home plans showcasing minimal surface decorations, clean lines, flat roofs, jutting edgets, and polished surfaces and makes use of…

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