• About NHBB

    About NHBB

Our clients are the real story

The NHBB community brings together some of the best designers, architects, contractors suppliers and most importantly builders, that the industry has to offer. Since launching NHBB in 2009 we’ve been able to demonstrate time and again, that there is a better way to go about the building process. One that is accountable, transparent and delivers the best possible outcomes for all.

Ultimately, 100% satisfied clients are what we strive for, and while NHBB’s focus is always on the best possible outcomes for the client, no building project is without its own set of unique challenges. But it’s how we meet these challenges and resolve them in the client’s best interest that has set us apart and has seen the business grow through referral, to acquire over 100 real and contactable testimonials willing to share their stories.

Our People

With a combined 70 years in the housing industry, our team comprises designers, project managers and Housing Industry Association judges.

Tristan Kirkham | Managing Director

Tristan has managed some of Australia’s major building companies, both project and private. His committment to customer service and providing market leading communication product for the home building industry has led to a role as regular Judge in the HIA Green Smart, HIA Kitchen & Bathroom Awards and the major Housing Awards. Winning multiple awards throughout his career in the housing industry, he is dedicated to improving the industry standards and practices. Tristan's vision is to provide a better way to build homes for all parties.


Michael Clarke | Executive Consultant

Michael has been with NHBB from its inception; he has experience in both residential and commercial, in all types of materials on both sides of the country. Thirty years executive management experience for some of Australia's leading organisations has given him a depth of knowlege and experience in all markets, in particular class 2 developments. A regular Judge in the housing industry awards, many of the testimonials on the website are a result of Michael outstanding efforts in delivering on client expectations.

Natalie Beckman | Executive Assistant

Natalie has been in the service industry for over 20 years working for a number of large national business’s and ASX-listed companies. She brings an extensive background in banking/finance and financial planning at an executive level to the NHBB team. Natalie is our Hamptons expert, gaining experience in building her own home and has a passion for this timeless style. Coupled with a detailed focus on organisation, time management, and client liaison, she will be assisting Tristan as his Executive Assistant.


Grant Henderson | Design & Building Consultant

Grant has been in the building industry for over twenty years. Graduated with with an advanced certificate & associated diploma in Architectural drafting, Grant’s many years within the industry has seen him progress in this highly evolving market. His knowledge gained and experience in the ever changing world of design, has earnt him the respect and reputation with in the industry, He is a regular judge to the HIA Awards.  Grant and his design company have delivered on many of NHBB client’s wonderful homes.  

Nick Raynor | Design & Building Consultant

Nick has been in the building industry for over twenty years; Nick also graduated with an advanced certificate & associate Diploma in architectural drafting. Nick has worked for Dale Alcock Homes, ABN Group, Residential Attitudes, JWH Group. Nicks attention to detail in both Design and Drafting constantly demonstrates why he has gained the respect of his peers and the industry. Nick has been associated with NHBB from its inception, with his design company. Nick has an excellent knowledge of the industry as an independent in all fields of residential building.

Our Awards

With NHBB, building your new home will be a memorable and rewarding experience.

Our clients are the ultimate judges of our level of service, commitment and performance, this was never more apparent than when (after just 3 years in business) NHBB were recognised and awarded by a panel of professional peers and the board of HIA and Master Builders for Best Customer Service.