• Contemorary Style Designs

    Contemorary Style Designs

Asymmetric & cantilevered facades that hang above the street.

Contemporary architecture is resembles sculpture on an enormous scale and is designed to be noticed and to impress. Some feature concrete structures wrapped in glass or aluminum screens, very asymmetric facades, and cantilevered sections which hang over the street. Facades are designed to appear as large blocks that float effortlessly or change color at different times of day.

The style varies from postmodernism and high-tech architecture to the highly conceptual and expressive. Their common attribute is the use of very advanced technology, modern building materials.

Our designers know what’s required in terms of the material detail to deliver on this style of home.  While our builders allow you complete flexibility in design control and allow you to supply your own items and will even install materials and spec items supplied by you, saving you thousands of dollars on builders margins and mark ups.