• Knock Down and Rebuild

    Knock Down and Rebuild

Our proven process can help you avoid the thousand of dollars in
unexpected hidden costs that can pop up after you’ve signed with a home builder.

We are WA’s leading independent consultants in knock down rebuild developments. Before talking to a builder, let our team create independent feasibility reports which break down all the costs, associated with a home demolition.  It’s obligation free so you have everything to gain.

Our pricing is market leading and completely transparent with no hidden commissions from suppliers or contractors.

Below are just some of the things that can blow your budget. NHBB’s independent feasibility report identifies all the issues and associated costs. Letting you know all the facts before you even talk to a house builder.

Some of the many things you NEED to know about
the Knock Down & Rebuild Process!

We provide you with the way forward
to have your block ready to go for a
new build, with no hidden surprises.

Old Home - Before Demolition

Original Home Site

Rebuilding House - House Design and Concepts

Feasibility & Design Concepts

Rebuilt House in Perth - Completed Project

Completed Home