• Difficult Block Designs

    Difficult Block Designs

Discover all the hidden costs in your dream block before you get in too
deep with NHBB’s free Cost & Feasibility Assessment and independent advice.

Building on a difficult block shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on your design or put up with exorbitant builders costs.  Our independent team can help you understand exactly what is possible with a difficult block ,giving you all the facts and costs associated with building on it, before you even talk to a builder.  

If it’s a view you’re trying to achieve, a difficult to access or narrow lot, a bushfire active zone area or a clay or limestone block, we have all the leading independent experts in each field to make sure we are across all the issues associated with building on a difficult block. This enables us to give you the facts on what you can get on the block and how much it will cost to build before you settle on it. That way you’re in a much better position to know who is the right builder for you.

Our experience in adapting to and overcoming the inherent challenges of building on a difficult block is market leading.

we can show you what is possible
before you even talk to a builder

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