• Narrow Lot Homes

    Narrow Lot Homes

When space is small and narrow, getting the right house plan and design is critical.

There is nowhere to go if you get the house design wrong on a narrow lot. Maximising room dimensions and making the most of available light, so getting the design right first time is critical.

There are also a number of cost considerations unique to narrow lot builds: small site double handling, limited site materials cost and split load costs are just a few.

Which home designers best understand how to meet the challenges of your narrow block and which narrow lot builders in Perth, Western Australia have the proven capacity and track record to deliver.

Most home builders will focus on signing you up to a narrow house design. We focus on helping you understand what the cost implications are when building on a narrow block, giving you all the facts upfront before you even sign with a builder. Our experience in adapting and overcoming the inherent challenges of building on a narrow block is market leading. You’ll get all the all the important information up front, from a totally independent point of view.

Narrow Block House Designs