• Small House Designs

    Small House Designs

Small block? Our home builders and designers can show you how to maximise a house design for a 10 metre to 20 metre frontage.

NHBB can help you not only find that perfect home builder who fully understand the intricacies of building on a small block but we can also project manage it from design to construction handover.

Some of the best homes we have helped people build have been on very small blocks. Its all about understanding what you can do, making sure it complies with local regulations and understanding the costs associated with building a tiny house on your chosen block. NHBB can give you all the facts before you talk with a builder.

So, if you want to know more about how we can help you with a small modern block design or a two storey house plan for small blocks, contact the team today and talk to us before you talk to a builder

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