• Upside Down Designs

    Upside Down Designs

Adaptability, affordability, functionality, sustainability and most importantly, build-ability.

Upside Down Homes can also be called reverse living homes, because of the reversed arrangement of the upper floor living rooms and the ground floor bedrooms.

Reverse living homebuilders need to focus on quality rather than quantity, an area where project homebuilders and private homebuilders don’t always se eye to eye. Reverse living homes should be designed to adapt to the way we live, enhancing our lifestyles through functional design.

NHBB gives you gives you complete flexibility in creating a clever design, by controlling the copyright. The builders we have on our books must adhere to our basic principles of adaptability, affordability, functionality, sustainability and build ability.  

We manage the process from start to finish to help you create the design and find the right builder for you.

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