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10 Tips for Luxury Custom Home Builders in Perth & Brisbane

16 Jul. 2018 -- Posted by : Michael_Clarke

How to choose a good luxury custom home builder is important, however controlling the process is the most critical thing is choosing the right builder for you.

Owning the home building process front start to finish is the best way to save you time and money and have the home built to award winning standards.

Our tips below will help you make those important informed choices, by giving you the independent information upfront.

So if you are looking to build any of the following, luxury homes, custom homes, upside down homes, exclusive homes or something that is not a standard builders plan or display home. Try our tips. 

Tips for building a luxury home design with a builder

1. Get a feature contour survey independently.

2. Use NHBB home design cost calculator

3. Use an independent designer, never direct with the Perth builder.

4. Own and control copyright

5. Don’t give budgets to custom home designers or builders

6. Use a quality-building inspector.

7. Ask the builder to prove they are financially stable.

8. Confirm a registered builder not a supervisor is building the home.

9. Use a building broker. New Home Building Brokers have over 100 real and contactable clients.

10. Know the builders real full margin or walk away


NHBB have 20 more tips we can share with you, that are important to know before choosing a custom home builder.

What’s better is you can contact over 100 of our real contactable testimonials. 

If you would like to know more, Talk to us before you talk to a builder.

Contact us at or 1300 383 262


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