apg Homes is Now Webb & Brown-Neaves

25 Oct. 2018 -- Posted by : Tristan_Kirkham

Big news to the industry with APG Homes confirming the news that they are now Webb & Brown Neaves

APG homes opened its doors in 1997, and in the past 20 years have won many awards as one of leading home builders Perth, in the affordable new home designs of the two story homes market.

Contacting the office today WB Homes have confirmed the change has happened this week, and the display homes will be rebranded to Webb & Brown Neaves

APG Homes is part of the Alcock Brown Neaves Group (ABN Group), which has brands of new home builders in Perth of Dale Alcock Homes, Dale Alcock Home Improvements, Celebration Homes, Webb&Brown-Neaves, and many others.

The group also has prominent brands in Victoria like Boutique Homes.

In the current market of Perth builders, we see this big news as positive change. Reducing overheads while still offering all the products and services the group has provided for the past 20 plus years, its a clever move and has to be good for the consumers.

As we have previously mentioned in our blogs, we are seeing more and more home builders in Perth adjusting and changing business models and home building process to suit the shifts in changing markets


The Future for Perth Builders

NHBB sees these positive changes with the leading Perth home builders, as a major move forward with brands fighting for market share. It allows these major home builders to focus on the better products, services and choice that the consumers look for to find a builder and building design in Perth.

New Home Building Brokers knows of and currently deals with many home building companies who are purposefully changing business model to move with the changing market, and also some Perth Builders who are following a new tend and becoming a hybrid builder.

Hybrid builders main focus is to reduce their marketing (eg Display home costs) and other client interface overheads by engaging Building Brokers to bring new clients to have them build new homes in WA.

These home building companies efficiency gaining initiatives, will contribute strongly toward lowering the overall building costs in Perth, by building more value to the consumer, in time, quality control and flexibility.  We are finding designer home builders  & custom home builders in Perth, are allowing people to control copyright using independent home designers for house designs and new house plans.

We expect to see more both small home builders in Perth and also major Perth home builders adjust models with possible brand mergers in late 2018 and into 2019.


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