Barbecues for Alfresco Kitchens

18 Dec. 2018 -- Posted by : Tristan_Kirkham

The finishing touches to building a new custom home can sometimes catch you out. It’s important you know these cost upfront before you decide which Perth builder you are gong ahead with.

Barbecues are just one example of the cost that can catch you out.

Understanding the area you want to have an outdoor kitchen in for legal compliance is critical. Has the home builder has experience in dealing with the following. Keep in mind the costs to have things certified is nothing short of outrageous.

Is the area deemed to be indoor or outdoor? You need to know this and don’t just trust the builders word.

The regulation to comply with this is strong and strict, so if you get the wrong it is very expensive to make it comply after the fact. Let alone the extra margins builders can add to these changes.

ATCO Gas Australia has very simple detailed examples to understand if the area you are thinking of having the outdoor kitchen in is considered indoor or outdoor.




BBQ to be re-certified: • Re-certification must be undertaken by an approved Type A Gas Appliance Inspector

• See list of Independent Inspectors on Energy Safety website

• Some outdoor BBQs already have a flame failure system fitted which makes re-testing and certification to AS4563 simpler and cheaper. Having a flame failure system retrofitted is costly and the appliance will still need to be tested and approved Note: the inspector who re-certifies the appliance must be independent and cannot also undertake any of the other installation work (appliance, ventilation or interlock). Extraction Fan:

• A commercial style range hood/extraction canopy must be fitted above the appliance to provide adequate ventilation as Standard AS/NZS 5601 dictates.

• The extraction fan filter must not be to close to the cooking surface.

• The fan must move at least 2,000m3 of air per hour. ATCO recommends the use of a 2 motor fan to achieve this flow rate.

• Not only will the fan remove any harmful products of combustion, but it will also stop grease and smoke from damaging the alfresco walls and ceiling. Interlock to be installed:

• The re-certification process means that the appliance is now considered a ‘commercial’ appliance – for domestic use. This requires the appliance to have an interlock installed, so that the extraction fan is operating before gas will flow to the appliance.



And now for the costs, which are without any builder’s margins

This is what it cost for this BBQ and side burner in the photo

BBQ Beefeater                                                                       $ 1,900

Side burner                                                                             399

Rangehood (Compliant)                                                     $ 1,773

Interlock part for gas and fan to work together           $  565

Certify BBQ that already had flame failure                    $  465

Convert side burner to have flame failure                     $  385

Certify side burner  (2 hours work)                                    $   511

Plumber to install and connect BBQ                                 $   135

Plumber to install and connect side burner                   $   135


Total                                                                                                                   $6,268


Note this doesn’t include the cabinets stone tops

Fridges mirrored splash backs or stainless steel

recessed inserts.


Planning all costs upfront and working with New Home Building Brokers can help avoid these unforeseen costs on items that are so important to the homeowners.

Like we say talk to us before you talk to a builder to know more.


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Barbecues for Alfresco Kitchens

The finishing touches to building a new custom home can sometimes…