Building a custom home in Perth : Three key professionals you should use

NHBB knows that a custom designed home can be a thing of beauty, so don't skimp on the essential people you need to create your new luxury home.

There are some common requirements to every construction project and especially a custom luxury home that can help keep them moving smoothly.

Thinking of building a new home? you always need to be planning ahead, making sure that your expectations are understood by everyone involved, setting the clear timelines with milestones, knowing what is happening and when, and also knowing who is responsible for each part your build.

There are threekey professionals who can help you maintain control, know what is happening and get what you want,  keeping you in the loop when building the perfect Perth custom home.

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1. Find a good architect or building designer – they will give you the best start  with design concepts and advice for your new home.

Your designer's job is to help you shape the space both inside and out. You will get great advice from an experienced designer to achieve your goals in terms of architectural vision and meeting your design brief for your luxury home.

Working with a good architect or building designer can help you in many ways, but the most important is that they'll guide and advise you with design decisions for your new home and keep your best interests in mind. They'll also help you have control of the copyright to your plans with a license to use your design with any builder. You don't want to build a custom home without their assistance!

How to find a good designer?
Ask what software the architect or designer uses, do they do all the work or subcontract the work out to others?
Using  ArchiCAD, or other popular CAD package that can allow them to provide 3D renders and animations is important. You will get a much clearer picture of the finished product from this.

Ask to look at some of their other projects and check to see if they have any online reviews.

Working with good professionals helps with cost control and final budgets.

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2. Choose a reputable and experienced builder – one who has worked on other projects like yours.

They're going to be the ones who hire and co-ordinate all of the individual trades, suppliers and oversee your project from start to finish. Seek out a builder who's built your size and style of home and has good reviews.

It’s also very important you look at the builder’s ability to build and how they operate, don’t just focus on price. If you choose the wrong builder, the price can go the wrong way very quickly.

NHBB has in depth industry knowledge which allows us to only recommend the best builders and ensure that client get the best of service.

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3. Use a building broker

A building broker will help you find the right Architect or Building Designer and that the final design aligns with your budget. Your building broker will also help you find your perfect custom home builder, and ensure that they are reputable and qualified to work on your project. They'll be giving you the information necessary for making the right choices; They will have experience working with other projects like yours. They will be on your side, know what they're doing and be familiar with getting custom homes built on time and on budget. They can help you with many important decisions. All this at no additional cost to you!

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It's good to know there are  three key building professionals to use when creating your Perth custom home. This information and advice provided should be helpful as you get closer to planning your new luxury home.

If any of this information was unclear or if there is anything else we can help with please feel free to contact us at NHBB for additional resources.

We're always happy to work closely with our clients so that they are always informed.

Contact us today.

 What Tristan has to say:

"Talking to a third party and getting independent advice is just incredibly important.

You could say I’m biased but just come and have a chat with us to learn how we can help you and let us prove you wrong.

The process of liaising with builders is tiresome, lengthy and out of date.

We see so many people who have so many issues with their build because they haven’t been able to manage the above points.

The more solid and reliable independent people you can put around you, the better your  outcome will be.

This is the best tip I can give you in my 20 year’s experience in this industry."

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