Converting a Built Strata title lot to a Survey Strata title in Western Australia

At NHBB we come across all types of requirements that need to be fulfilled before you can start to build your dream luxury custom home.  One of these lesser-known requirements is to change your block from a Built Strata to a Survey Strata. The process of changing your lot title is not the same across all states and territories in Australia. It is important that you contact the relevant government agency and comply with all their requirements before proceeding with any conversions.

Why would you need to convert to a survey strata title?

Built Strata is the original form of the strata scheme in Western Australia and is found in two forms – the strata recognized before 30 June 1985, and those set up after. Most buildings in Perth built before 1985 are Built Strata, so they were only defined by the building itself. This means that ownership was only for everything inside the dwelling and fencing was not encompassed in the title. After 1985, part of the lot could include the land outside the building and the building structure, permitting external walls to be part of the Strata Plan.

Survey Strata lots are defined by boundary pegs placed by a licensed land surveyor. The land boundaries are shown as survey marks on the survey-strata plan, and define the land, not just the buildings.

So if you want to build your new home on a lot that is a built title lot, you will need to get it changed to a survey strata title.


What is the process for converting a Built strata lot to a survey strata lot?

The process takes about 3 -4 months.

A Town Planner will create a sketch of your proposed project and review the site at a high level to ensure the conversion meets the R Code requirements.

A qualified Surveyor will be sent to the property to peg the site's boundary and create the formal lot plan for Landgate.

Strata meeting
You will need to organise a meeting with all landowners to discuss your project and have the legal conversion documents executed for lodgement with Landgate.

Office of State Revenue and Financial Institutions
You will need request the required consents from The Office of State Revenue along with any financial intitution(s) who hold interest over your property for both you and your neighbour.

Landgate lodgement
All necessary documentation need to be lodged in person with Landgate in order to be promptly assessed and monitored.

Titles issued
Landgate will process the provided conversion and new title documents in order to facilitate the change and produce the new title for your land.

In summary, to change your block from a Built Strata to a survey Strata, the process takes about 3-4 months. You'll need to contact The Office of State Revenue and Banks before you start this conversion in order to get necessary consents for both you and your neighbour. Landgate will then issue new title documents after processing the provided conversion paperwork in person with Landgate.

This is a simple process, but must be done right the first time.

 What Tristan has to say:

"NHBB have come across this a lot in the past 2-3 years, and every time it’s a little different.

One of the hurdles could be if the power was not put in correctly when the build strata was done (this could have been 10-20 years ago).

Getting a real cost break down to have all services requirements is very important and something you shouldn’t wait to find out after you have signed up with a builder.

You may also have to engage with your neighbours and in some cases, have them agree to certain requirements/changes.

Keep in mind that doesn’t mean they will contribute towards any cost to relocate or upgrade services.

Dan from NHBB looks after our clients in this space so feel free to contact the team today, to find out how we can help you with this type of subdivision change."

To find out more, book a discovery meeting with us.

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