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13 Nov. 2017 -- Posted by : Natalie_Beckman

Hampton style homes are fast becoming the new trend in new homes in Australia.

Recently we have travelled around Australian to get a look first hand at the very different styles of Hamptons that are built and available to be built homes.

The popularity of the Hampton Style Homes is so strong, we are seen a big rise in the number of renovations. From the old traditional style, to getting the full Hamptons makeovers. These homes are transforming to be more inline with the coastal beach lifestyle, which is the classic style Hamptons embraces.

For anyone who has actually visited the Hamptons on Long Island New York, you will find the Hamptons style is very different to what we are designing and building in Australia. New Home Building Brokers (NHBB) Designers know this first hand and the homes designs look more like a Dutch style home, with the big steep gables to help with the snow of the roof in the winter. These homes are come across much darker in both color and the timber and tiles they use.

The Hampton style can be viewed very differently from one person to the next and certainly one builder the next. Its very different in Australia, we have made it our own by using stones, boards and light colour beach grey!

We are seeing many new homes come across with a mix between the following styles, which some are from long Island and others from other parts of the world.

  • Cape cod style homes,
  • Beach style homes
  • Tradional style homes
  • Long Island style homes
  • Montauk beach style homes
  • Palm cove style homes


When you take into consideration how different these styles are both internally and externally, you can get a very different feel from each.

These styles can vary so much internally & externally with materials and soft furnishings.

The colours and the furnishings may come across as very similar to some, however when you look into the detail you will find many differences, from cabinetry, tap ware, doors and lights and ceiling detail.

Internal wall paneling and big raking ceiling heights, with tongue grove boards, this is classic Hamptons. However in Australia we see a lot of raised flat ceilings with the occasional void.

The Hampton style homes can be more expensive to build; depending on which builder you choose to build with. At New Home Building Brokers we are the leading independents of the industry, that can help you not only design the perfect Hampton style home, but also find the best builder to save you thousands of dollars. Our clients built a HIA Custom Home of the Year version of Hamptons. So if you want one, Talk to us before you talk to a builder.


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