I love my industry but I don't love our reputation.

21 Aug. 2018 -- Posted by : Tristan_Kirkham

In this recent interview with Business News, NHBB Managing Director, Tristan Kirkham discusses the rise of the Building Broker industry and how it's filling a growing consumer need in the home building market.

From a reputational point of view, Tristan Kirkham acknowledges the role played by building brokers is not as well understood as that of insurance and mortgage brokers.

But Mr Kirkham, who founded New Home Building Brokers in 2009, says it's an industry sector providing value to builders and their clientele.

Having worked in management and building consultancy roles, and undertaking work across several local project and private home builders, Mr Kirkham has built up his pipeline of work and now assists with about 75 new builds a year.

NHBB assists clients at all stages of the building process - from house design and choice of a builder to dealing with stalled projects (either through cost blowouts, a dispute with the builder or difficulty with council approvals), as well as when a builder goes under.

"I love my industry but I don't love our reputation," Mr Kirkham told Business News.

"If you're at a barbecue and ask someone about their building experience, nine times out of 10 people will say it was bad. I want to change that.


"My business is not about belting up the builders, it's a fit for both sides. Sometimes builders get screwed over in a number of ways, like (competing on) low margins, which means clients are equally at risk.


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