Strategy driver for change of plans

Strategy driver for change of plans

4 Aug 2020 -- Posted by : Tristan_Kirkham

We’re delighted to announce that Anthony Kinder, owner of one of our long standing builder partners has joined the NHBB team.

Anthony has worked closely with our team over several years helping with strategy and positioning based on his long experience in the industry.

That strategy work identified a great opportunity for NHBB and given the Covid Grant Boosts effectively filled Anthony’s pipeline of work he was cautious of not wanting to over commit more building contracts in the lead up to the grant deadlines. Anthony will manage new enquiries through NHBB.

“It’s a logical step, I’ve worked with the team for many years, I know how they work and what their clients value and so that along with the new strategy pieces we’ve worked on has made for a really exciting decision” said Anthony

As the NHBB Managing Director,  I say “We’ve always been able to bounce high level business ideas back and forth, Anthony has a wealth of management experience, not to mention being able to work one on one with our exact client profile, we’re all really excited about what this opportunity means for NHBB”.

There’s more to come from NHBB as these new strategies get rolled out over the next 12 months.

Please contact me for further information.

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