Top Design Trends for 2021

NHBB works with many building professionals, so we have asked Kristie Hill from Colourcube Interiors to give us an update on what's happening with design.

Here is what she has to say....

"It’s incredible how much in the world can change in just 12 months. Design is no exception to change. But what impacts design changes, and how do they evolve?

International design trend forecasters work on a number of factors: International, economic, societal, cultural factors, along with world events (such as Covid) they also consider travel trends and environmental influencers such as global warming.

So HOW does this translate into the current trends that we are seeing emerge in new home designs and interiors? Here are some of our top design trends we are seeing a shift in for 2021 and moving into 2022.

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1.     Warmer colour palettes.

This is being applied to exteriors (think limestone colours, timbers paired with monochromatic colour schemes. We want to see more natural products used in and on our homes, so natural stone and timbers are making a big trend with exterior design. Interiors are also seeing softer, warmer, calming colour palettes. Using monotone colours (all the same tone) in those lighter calming warm tones of oak timbers, off whites and sandy textured tiles is creating a sense of calm and connection to our space. Feature colours in greens and ochre are organically connecting us to the natural environment as well.

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2.     Curves

It’s hard not to notice that all forms of architecture and interior design is embracing the shift from such square masculine lines to softer, subtle curves. We are creating interiors that are much more calming (mainly due to the covid pandemic, and 2020 Australian Fire disaster) we want more connection to our space, creating circles and curves.  Rounded organic objects soften the space whilst adding detail and interest.

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3.     Connection to nature

Texture is the big influencer in selections for 2021. We are seeing more rough, organic, matt and hard finishes than ever before. The major suppliers are coming on board with these trends releasing state of the art, cutting edge materials that are more environmentally friendly, longer lasting and more durable products. Bringing in textured cabinetry, rough finish feature tiling, and organic homewares such as nature based artwork, wool and jute rugs, linen and organic fibres for soft furnishings. We want our homes to make us feel safe from the outside world, tactile and inviting.

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When you are designing your custom luxury home, the inside is just as important as the outside. Having a vision for how you want the inside of your home to look before you start the design process is very important.

What sort of space do you want and need?

How do you want the home to flow?

How do you want to feel in your home and how do you want your guests to feel?

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NHBB suggest working with an interior designer who is familiar with the complete build process and the builder to allow you to consider your every need and want when you are designing your home. This includes items like cabinetry and storage, colours and palettes, furniture, fixtures and fittings and even things like space planning.

Colourcube Interiors are a leading Perth interior design company that work with many builders from the very early stages. They go away beyond producing purely functional homes to create homes that evoke emotion, enhance your mood and wellbeing for years to come."

Author: Kristie Hill, Colourcube Interiors

For more details about Colorcube, click here.

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