What Tradies can do when Builders go under

18 Apr. 2018 -- Posted by : Tristan_Kirkham

Channel Nine News

The State’s building industry is in upheaval after the collapse of more than 20 construction companies in five years, owing subcontractors and unsuspecting clients tens of millions of dollars. It's a situation that is becoming all too common.

In the wake of Friday's collapse of high profile builders Millionaire Makeovers, NHBB Managing Director, Tristan Kirkham talks to Channel Nine News about what tradies and clients can do to protect themselves when a high profile builder closes their doors without warning.

"It was less than six months ago that NHBB were doing what they could to assist a number of people caught up in the collapse of another major project homebuilder". Tristan told reporter Jerrie DeMasi. "There are always plenty of victims in these situations but there are things a client can do to mitigate the risk. NHBB can help clients assess a builder’s capabilities and suitability to a project, their current financial stability and which builders are currently in dispute with the SAT, Building Commission".

Make it your business to know how secure a builder is. It's just one of the many benefits of getting independent advice before entering into a contract. Like we say, talk to us before you talk to a builder.



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