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    Home Building Services

What we do

Ask any of our clients this question and no two will give the same answer.

We assist clients at every stage of the home building process, as a result we regularly come into contact with clients who are at various stages of the building process and are unsure where to turn after their project has been derailed. Usually by home design cost blowouts, a dispute with the building contractor, difficulty with council approvals or even a builder going under.

Where we can make the biggest difference is by helping you take control of your build from the start, before you even talk to a builder.

There’s a famous military quote ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’. NHBB make sure you know the things you need to know before they become a problem. We help you understand every part of the building process from an independent point of view, avoiding the potential pitfalls and potentially saving you tens of thousands in the long run. We streamline the building processes with our custom software, minimising construction delays, ensuring budgets are met and the potential for cost blow-outs is significantly reduced.

Talk to us before you talk to a builder.


Transparency Policy

NHBB will happily disclose the commission value of any project we undertake. It’s an offer few builders will match, but one that we believe is essential to us developing partnerships based on trust.

We believe that a policy of openness and honesty is the best way to develop the level of trust and communication needed in any successful partnership. Building a home or developing a property is no different. We know that the service we provide will ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients and represents outstanding value. Because of this we are happy to disclose our commission to any prospective clients.

Will your builder or broker do the same?

We Compare Home Builders

Much more than just comparing builders, this in depth process allows you make informed decisions about which builder is the best fit for you, and gives you access to essential information from a totally independent perspective including:

    Compare designer’s/architect’s fees
    Assess designer’s/architect’s capabilities and suitability to your project
    Analyse and compare builder’s, suppliers and contractors quotes
    Disclosure of builder’s margins and all hidden fees and commissions
    Assess builder’s capabilities and suitability to your project
    Asses the current financial stability of a builder
    Which builders are currently in dispute with the SAT, Building Commission



What does it cost?

There is no cost to you, NHBB are paid by way of commission included in the house price by the builder.

All home builders include some form of commission in their pricing structure. Normally this would be paid to the sales consultant working for the building company. But, unlike the salesman, we work for you. We’ll be right there with you through the entire build process, right up to the day you get your keys... and beyond if you need us.

As part of our transparency policy, we will happily disclose our commission to you, an offer very few other builders or brokers will match.

NHBB ensure that every completed home has a completely Independent Building Inspection.

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring we consistently achieve the highest standards of construction,  Every NHBB project includes as part of our standard process, a Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) by an Independent Registered Builder upon completion of the home.