Custom Individual Design - Perth WA

hy use a building broker? I hate paying middlemen, I even sold my last house myself, avoiding real estate agents fees.…

Unit Development | Warwick

It is hard to express how much respect my wife and I have developed for Tristan. His honesty and integrity absolutely…

Luxury Custom Home - Jolimont

When asked to do this video about our experience with New Home Building Brokers, we happily agreed. We would highly…

Custom Design Home - Mount Claremont

For us, having trust in your building broker is the single most important factor, and Tristan certainly had our trust.…

Custom Two Storey Hamptons - Cottesloe

We are writing to express our thanks and gratitude for the assistance you have given us in building our new home.You…

Custom Individual Two Storey - East Fremantle

NHBB recommended a great Architect and within 2 weeks we had a design drawn up and lodged to the East Fremantle Council.…

Builders Standard Plan - Sinagra

Until NHBB came to help us we were ready to give up and sell our block and buy a ready built home. NHBB gave us the…

Duplex Development - Yokine

New Home Building Brokers gave us a huge amount of useful information about designing new homes that would be most…

Unit Development - Claremont

Armed with our wish list and our must have list, the designer that we eventually chose proceeded to draw up some concept…

Custom Two Storey Design - Quinns Rock

We contacted NHBB after we had visited probably every display home in Perth and dealt with many different project…

Builders Standard Plan - Ellenbrook

rom the word go we have had personal attention given to us from Tristan regarding every detail. Not only about how much…

Luxury Custom Home - Perth

We were dealing direct with a builder but were not happy with the way things were going. After speaking Tristan Kirkham…

Demolish & Rebuild - Duncraig

Really impressed with Tristan's industry knowledge. His ability to have a workaround or solution for many of the issues…

Custom Individual Design - Perth

Not only would we choose to work with Tristan again but I have already recommended NHBB to many of my family, friends…

Builders Standard Plan - Caversham

We previously found a home design that ticked all of our boxes and was a great display home. We needed a big block for…

Custom Individual Industrial Style Home - Mosman Park

Tristan introduced us to a designer and provided feedback to help us get the house design we wanted within the specified…

Custom Idividual Two Storey - Beeliar


Builders Standard Two Storey - Mandurah

Tristan thought that a local Mandurah home builder would suit our needs. Overall we are pleased with the end result and…

Custom Design - Sorrento

When asked if I would provide a video testimonial for Tristan Kirkham of New Home Building Brokers there was no…

Custom Farmhouse Design - Ferguson Valley

We were having difficulty in finding a builder capable of and willing to build to our design and specifications until we…

Builders Standard Plan - Greenmount

It was an easy decision to knock down my existing house to build a new one, however having never built before the…

Builders Standard Plan - Mindarie

As a real estate agent of 25 years I have first-hand knowledge of the importance of quality service. Tristan has been…

Custom Two Storey - Doubleview

Absolutely no doubt from our side NHBB saved us from a nightmare situation that we seemed to get in so quickly. We…

Builder's Standard Plan - Perth

Had I known about NHBB's services I would have started the whole process with them rather than just bumbling my way…

Unit Development - Doubleview

I was extremely happy with my decision to use the services of Tristan Kirkham of New Home Building Brokers to help with…

Custom Two Storey Home - Claremont

Tristan put is in touch with a quality Perth homebuilder, who proved an excellent choice. He (Tristan) also helped in…

Rural Build - Perth

Fantastic advice, and very well informed, including warning us of additional costs we didn't realise we'd have to pay…

Knockdown & Rebuild - Lynwood

I would like to commend Tristan and Michael for establishing an exceptional service that reflects on the outstanding…

Individual Design Two Storey - Perth

We have a special needs son and this house was a concept build to accompany his requirements as well as ours so that all…

Upside Down Design - Applecross

We are pleased with our decision to have Tristan Kirkham of New Home Building Brokers to help us with the design and…

Builders Standard Plan - Maylands

We met with Tristan within a week of speaking to him and it was very interesting to get ‘his opinion’ on what we had…

Small Lot Home Design - Mandurah

The process of building the house was flawless, due to regular updates from the builder and Michael , they both…

Supplier Testimonial

Every client that's sent my way raves about the service and attentiveness they receive from NHBB.

Development - Doubleview

To research on the current building and housing market in Perth I have had the plan and vision to develop a block…

Builder's Standard Plan Side by Side - Vic Park

Tristan linked me in with other people who could help, responded to my queries straight away, saved me money, and went…

Custom Federation Style Home - Embleton

A building broker is the only way to go to select a builder to build your custom designed home. We had ours done…

Builders Standard Plan - Yanchep

We met with Tristan and found him very professional, he worked within our budget and needs to find us our dream home and…

Custom Individual Home - Willeton

After our first meeting we both felt NHBB’s Tristan Kirkham was very relatable and would be very easy to work with…

Builders Standard Plan - Perth

Having built a few times I thought I had a fair idea of what I was getting, but Tristan raised so many points I never…

Builders Standard Plan - Fremantle

Having already sourced many of our building materials, such as bench tops, basins, wall claddings and pavers, we had…

Custom Mid Century Modern - City Beach

Tristan and his company were very professional in listening to our requirements and finding us a house designed to fit…

Undercroft Custom Two Storey

We just knew that we did not want to build with a large building company to end up just being a number - we wanted the…

Custom Two Storey - Perth

Wouldn’t have got our dream home without their help.

Custom Individual Home - Sorrento St North Beach

NHBB's process allowed us to fully understand the challenges of building on our block and the costs associated with…

Luxury Individual Design - Perth

Tristan explained the process we could follow whereby we would engage a designer to develop initial planning drawings,…

Builder's Standard Plan - Piara Waters

However, I was pleasantly surprised when on our first meeting he had a design that was 90% of what we were looking for.

Custom Two Storey Design - North Beach

When we decided to build our home it was a little daunting. So many Perth builders and display homes to look at and it…

Triplex Development - Innaloo

He was there to answer our questions, offer advice and pretty much "hold our hand" along the way. He made the whole…

Custom Build - Carine

The accuracy of their costings has enabled us to make an informed decision and obtain some considerable cost savings

Custom Federation Style Two Storey home - Brentwood

What an amazing build experience we have had! We met Tristan by chance, and were drawn to his enthusiasm, knowledge and…

Individual Design Two Storey - South Perth

Not only did he quickly go through our options, he put us in touch with a number of private builders who could build our…

Builders Standard Plan - Hillarys

After a few appointments, NHBB came up with a solution to my problems, the standard plan from a project builder they…

Custom Single Storey - West Leederville

The service NHBB offer ensures that building costs are transparent and the right Perth builder is selected for the…

Upside Down Custom Design - Dawsville

Having bought land in Mandurah which promised extensive views if we built two storey, we were having difficulty finding…

Custom Two Storey - Woodlands

We valued having an independent source of expert advice and we would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to…

Luxury Style Home - Perth

Our original builder went into bankruptcy just as our plans were in council for approval! We lost quite a lot of money…

Duplex Development - Scarborough

Michael's ability to stay calm in a crisis while offering sound, sensible advice and solutions amazed us.

Custom Luxury Home - Mt Claremont

We recently engaged the services of Tristan Kirkham of New Home Building Brokers to assist us with the design and…

Builders Standard Plan - Yanchep

My partner and I had looked through many display homes. We were very specific with regards to what we were looking for…

Builders Standard Plan - Beckenham

Thank you New Home Building Brokers and Tristan for your help, we have learned a lot from you through the process.

Custom Individual Design - Hillarys

We spoke to the clients to confirm the testimonials and statements. Mr & Mrs Rocks of Claremont home was beautiful and…

Custom Single Storey - Two Rocks

Apart from the fact we saved thousands of dollars through Tristan’s knowledge and advice, it was the guidance through…

Builder's Standard Plan Two Storey - Woodlands

We had been talking to different builders and feeling pressured by them, without really understanding what we were…

Luxury Custom Home - Subiaco

This is where NHBB came into their own offering a service that no one else could offer. Giving us expert advice and…

Builder's Standard Plan - Perth

Throughout the whole process, we came to realise that people were willing to jump through hoops for us, simply because…

Knock Down Rebuild - Sorrento

We were recommended to Tristan Kirkham of New Home Building Brokers to assist us with the design and construction of our…

Builders Standard Plan - Hocking

From the moment we met with New Home Building Brokers, we felt confident and comfortable in the fact that we would be…

Custom Single Storey Design - Floreat

The builder was fantastic, our house was on time and on budget and we had a great experience. Tristan also helped…

Triplex Development - Wembley

We've now used Tristan for two projects. His knowledge of the building industry is immense.

Builders Standard Plan - Ellenbrook

When we talked to the staff at NHBB, we were told we can have what we want, and we could afford it. It was proposed that…

Builders Standard Plan - Cloverdale

My dream has always been to build a new home. To start with I was looking at land in a few areas and wasn’t sure on the…

Two Storey Development - Como

Tristan has been great to work with and I appreciate him sharing his wealth of experience and wisdom with me.

Custom Design & Subdivision - North Beach

Our block bordered 4 other properties and Tristan and our builder assisted us in dealing with building issues that…

Luxury Custom Home - Perth

In the beginning we approached a number of builders . They wanted us to choose a standard design and modify it to suit…

Luxury Custom Home - Salters Point

When we came to NHBB we were in a difficult position. We had been working with an architect and they had got too busy.…

Custom Individual Single Storey Home - Perth

The knowledge and experience that Tristan has shown has been the savior to our current building process.

Builders Standard Plan - Pearsall

We were introduced to New Home Building Brokers (NHBB) by our Land Developer, who suggested that NHBB would be able…

Custom Design - Mandurah

We then met New Home Building Brokers and suddenly realised we had been going about our search for a design in the wrong…

Award Winning Home - Perth

We recently completed a build through Giorgi Exclusive Homes (and we won the HIA Custom Built Home of Year last year!).

Builder's Standard Plan Two storey - Mt Claremont

We found Tristan and his team when our original builder was placed into Administration, having only council plans and…

Builders Standard Plan - Landsdale WA

Big thank you to NHBB for their valuable advice and assistance, in helping us with our new build. From the very…

Hamptons Style Home - Shoalwater

We were happy with the service and communication we received; we then embarked on our second build from Scotland. We…

Custom Two Storey - Floreat

What impressed us most was simply that Tristan did what he said he would do, and got things done when he said he would…

Triplex Development - Karrinyup

We had built before, but this time we thought we would try a broker as it was such a big project. They did every thing…

Builders Standard Plan - Caversham

I knew of NHBB as we were planning on building in our SMSF. I was in tears with the house after the door saga and I…

Small Block Builder's Standard Plan - Perth

Tristan is very knowledgeable and well-known individual in home building industry in Perth. We came to realise this…

Demolish & Rebuild Luxury Custom - Ardross

NHBB was always able to take our calls day or night, and had weekly site visits to keep the builder in line.

Custom Single Storey - Piara Waters

Michael helped find us the right Perth builder within budget to build our dream home. It was from a one-off design that…

Builders Standard Plan - Perth

Thanks to Tristan and his hard work we got the house we wanted and not what someone else thought we needed.

Duplex Development - Swanbourne

Completed on time and on budget. A rarity in these days and clearly, your input and the choice of builder had much to do…

Builders Standard Plan - Burns Beach

Tristan and the team at NHBB acted independently on our behalf, it was a godsend as they provided valuable support…

Luxury Custom Home - Perth

The only person in building who's NOT trying to swindle you! Tristan helped us with our new build and we saved heaps -…

Development - Balcatta

This my first attempt at subdivisions. Fortunately Tristan’s knowledge and advice along the way is making things a lot…

Custom Two Storey Modern Design - Karrinyup

We were introduced to Tristan by a friend and work colleague who had recently utilised New Home Building Brokers…

Builders Standard Plan - Hamptons

A huge thank you to NHBB for streamlining what could have been an absolute nightmare.

Builders Standard Plan - Landsdale

The decision to build a new home for our young and expanding family was the easy part. Finding a builder that was happy…

Duplex Development - Perth WA

It was most refreshing that rather than try to create a sale, Tristan best advised us to sell and buy. Putting our best…

Builders Standard Plan - Manning

Having spent a lot of our budget on land in South Perth, we found ourselves limited to a project builder rather than a…

Custom Individual Design - Yokine

NHBB have been involved in the entire new home ownership process - not just building. When we mentioned to NHBB that we…

Duplex Development - Floreat

I recommend Tristan / NHBB to others. Unless you are very knowledgeable in the building industry, there are pitfalls to…

Custom Two Storey Home - Princeton

We met with the consultant at New Home Building Brokers & were so impressed with the service they offered. Their…

Demolish & Rebuild - Bayswater

I am confident that with Tristan’s involvement, we have not only ended up with a much better design than we initially…