Client: Matt & Beth
Location: Landsdale

Builder Standard Traditional Home Design - Landsdale, Perth WA

Builder Standard House Designs
Traditional Home Designs

“The decision to build a new home for our young and expanding family was the easy part. Finding a builder that was happy to work with our custom home design and allow my own Company Westview Glass & Aluminum, to supply the Windows, Doors, Shower Screens, Mirrors and Splash backs was the hard part".

"A colleague mentioned that we should contact New Home Building Brokers, after meeting with the consultant every thing started falling into place.

Firstly NHBB looked over our ideas and made changes that we would have never thought of, which made every thing more exciting.

After NHBB worked out exactly what we wanted to achieve over several meetings they recommended a Perth home Builder who not only have allowed Westview Glass to carry out all the Glass & Aluminum works, but we were also allowed to nominate a personal friends Tiling company to carry out all tiling during construction.

We are extremely happy we have had the experience and have the help, guidance & knowledge of the team at NHBB”.